About HungryMetro.com

HungryMetro.com is the nation's premiere self-casting company in Film, TV, Commericials, Industrials and Voice-overs for extra and principal work. HungryMetro.com allows YOU the artist/talent to find the auditions of your choice. No more agent fees, no middle-man casting agency. You control your own destiny! Both union and non-union talent are encouraged to use this tool.

HungryMetro.com specializes in allowing talent/artists to cast themselves as principals and extras for feature and independent films, commercials, industrials, voice-overs, theatre, and live recording held nation-wide via our web search. We partner directly with the casting agencies traditional agents communicate with. Sign up, fill out basic information about yourself (gender, age, ethnicity, etc), and the system will instantly match roles to the profile you have created. If you'd rather just browse -- you can sign up and view our full list of casting ads updated daily!

Privacy Policy
We take utmost care of your private information.   Our privacy policy is pending legal review and will be posted here shortly.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
Is HungryMetro.com a talent/casting agency?
A: NO! Hungry Metro is a data depository filled with the latest casting information throughout the entire entertainment industry.

Q: Does HungryMetro.com guarantee users a role in whatever project is listed on the website?
A: No. HungryMetro.com simply provides the audition/casting information. It is still up to you, the talent, to “get the gig.”

Q: How is the casting/audition information given to users?
A: The HungryMetro.com staff matches all audition/casting information to the user defined profiles available with the My Profile tab at the top of the screen.